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Levgen Knysh

United States, New York City

3rd part. …More/less the whole girl’s chest was felt with A4 size #picture and #million details. I just wanna remind you, it was 2013 and we use only coils #tattoo guns in our work. But my client and I set the goal to finish all in one day. Pretty long day was coming. Doors were opening, people were coming during the whole day. Some of them left counter in my can, but I didn’t see what’s going around me at that time. We worked very hard. As usual I didn’t take a lot of breaks and only changed one small #needle to another one. She handled pain perfectly, during the whole session I heard no words and we stoped only when I need. But in the end I understood that 7h were not enough for me to finish, and on a contest she showed up with unfinished tattoo. 2h more and I could #show the whole design but not this time. 6 years ago I didn’t know that I can tattoo someone few days in a row and we finished tattoo 3 weeks later in the studio. But ok, next day I had another client with little bit smaller piece but full color. Of course I prepared everything before, found the design and last #night drew the stencil. Next day I was totally ready to fight. The design, stencil, client, all were prepared and work place was ready as well. We started. The whole calf was #next to me, some artists came and didn’t believe that I can do it in #one day. They asked different questions, but I tried not to talk a lot. I was totally concentrated on work. At first, the tattoo was #full of different colors, pretty hard for the experience which I had. At second, this day I decided and told to myself, I have to finish tattoo till the contest. The convention was still going, different guys came to us and keep #eye on my work. I saw, sometimes they left counters in my can. When one left us, in few minutes next one came and was watching the process. Counter by counter, line by line and 30mins before the #contest we finished, after cleaning and washing the work place we showed up on the stage. @menshealthmag @gq @esquire #tattootuesday